Loco for Local!

Why Should You Shop at Your Local Farmers Market?

Michael and I are VERY excited to announce to you that we have started making exciting new products for this Spring! We can be found at The State College Farmer’s Market and as a guest vendor at the North Atherton Farmer’s Market and Titan Market in Bellefonte! Don't forget that our online store is always open! We looking forward to seeing you there soon!

Just think, when you shop from your local market you are subscribing to a Community-Supported Agricultural produce box, better known as a CSA, may be the single greatest purchasing decision you can make as a consumer today! We (Michael and Seamus) personally want to thank you!

Last year, American farmers made the least they have in almost three decades, because they now own fewer parts of the supply chain than ever before. Under exclusive contracts with Big Ag and big box stores, farmers are not offered a fair price for their goods. In fact, the average farmer in America makes less than 15 cents of every dollar on a product that you purchase at a store. On the other hand, farmers who sell their goods at a farmers market take home closer to 90 cents of every dollar! That’s right, a whopping 90 cents of every dollar! But beyond taking home a larger share, farmers use markets as an opportunity to cultivate the next generation of agriculturalists who shepherd our farmlands and our pastures. In our fight against climate change, we need them now more than ever to promote and preserve diverse land use.

Multi-generational farms like ours; and many we have seen in our area, are in danger of being lost to “Big Ag” consolidation or Real Estate Development, lead to our communities suffering in countless ways. Rural America has now jumped above the national average in violent crime. Three out four farm workers surveyed have been directly impacted by our opioid epidemic. Now oftentimes disguised as accidents, farmer suicide is now on the rise.

Did you realize that the produce that you purchase from a large retail store is harvested before it’s ripe to travel more than a thousand miles before it ultimately sits on your shelf roughly two weeks later. Alternatively, because most farmers markets have proximity and production requirements, farmers travel less than 50 miles to offer you local produce with minimal packaging waste. With the advent of online grocers and trending meal kits, consumers are increasingly disconnected with their farmers and the economics of food production. Since the rise of the smartphone revolution, direct-to-consumer goods have stagnated. While local and sustainable foods have been trending for almost a decade, terms like “healthy” and “natural” have no legal framework in the United States. Do you want your best bet for fresh, nutrient-rich foods without the marketing jargon?

Go to your farmers’ markets! Buying local is not a new idea, but, turning it into a habit in today’s world still is. If we want to avoid the high costs of cheap food, protect our environment, rebuild our communities and save our farmers — literally — we’re going to need to vote with our food purchases. The success of our food systems is directly attached to us. If we want to break up Big Ag’s hold on our food supply chain, then we’re going to need to connect with our farmers. We’re going to need to rebuild relationships with the hands that feed us three times a day. Plus, two more for snacks. Just wait until you taste one of delicious delights! (We share family recipes on our blog and You Tube Channel.)

With the USDA online database of more than 8,600 farmers markets across the country, you can easily find the nearest one to you. Just think of yourself as an investor in food, where your purchasing power helps create a more equitable society for everyone.

One of our goals in the near future is having a place where families can be immersed in the day and life of living on a farm.

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