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About Us


Our new friends and repeat customers have wanted to know more about us so here we go… if you have heard about the story of the country mouse and the city mouse… well that's us! Seamus grew up on a small farm in Northern Louisiana where there were more cows than people. Thanks to his parents he and his brother David were the first two in their family to graduate college. Seamus started his education at Louisiana Tech University and completed it at Louisiana State University. He has degrees in Business Management, Accounting, Science and a MBA in Finance. Seamus has taught students from first grade to college and corporate training. He also was a part owner in a Celtic Pub “The Ceilidh House.”

Michael’s childhood was spent in a large college town and has lived in Scotland and Australia. His parents were both professors at Pennsylvania State University. “Doc” taught physics and math and Mrs. Haddie “Mom” was an English Professor. Michael graduated from PSU with a degree in Art and Architecture. Michael is a talented artist and has shown his work in New York at the Brookland Academy of Music, Gaberial Pizzi in Seattle, and Pinoteaka Gallery in Melbourne Australia. He moved back to the States and cared for his Mom for more than eight years. Michael felt like he needed to do something for himself… so he started talking to other gay men to find an outlet from his daily endeavors. Little would he know that he was soon to meet the man of his dreams and marry him. Blessed indeed! We are symbiotic in every way and find great strength in each other’s ideas and creative attitudes and ideals for nature and world.

Our “big picture” and goal is to foster and adopt children,even older ones and build our dream home! We are going to reclaim our 4th generation farmland and create a self-sustaining farm   to produce environmentally responsible products and eventually tasty eats for our customer friends.


A year-round leadership and educational program Similar to the “Fresh Air Fund” and Farm to Table restaurant. We know that it sounds like a lot to undertake but this is our calling. Just the other day we revisited our business plan and our initial focus was Artisan cheese and yogurts and possibly candles and soaps. Well, we started completely opposite!


It took more than a year to find the right vendors that would allow our dream of producing products that are from sustainable and renewable resources.

We plan on adding more products soon and will be sharing some of our favorite recipes with you as well.

This is a brief synopsis of our eclectic backgrounds and some of our experiences. We will add more to our blog # Lagniappe as time goes and will ask all of you to follow us on our journey.

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