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Our Story

The Peaceful Kingdom Farms are a special place, for many different reasons. We refer to our farms as a heritage farms because of the history of our family farms and because we prefer to raise heritage seed and livestock. Our Family Farm was built in 1859 and has been in the Perritt-Reish family for four generations. We are always mindful of the history of all the generations before us who worked so hard to keep this farm in the family and we are always grateful that we have the farm today due to their past efforts.  We focus on supplying healthy premium produce, products and education to our greater community and into the world, especially those places we see affected most because of lack of access to healthy food, is our primary objective.

    What we've been able to find is that in these communities, providing the food is only addressing maybe half of the issue. Creating the long-term improvements, we are hoping to see, we realized that we would have to focus on education, the youth, the elders, and everyone in between. We have been able to focus on collaborations that can help us achieve our goal. We were going to have to make ourselves extremely accessible, and in a lot of cases, bring it to the people. Bring them the food, the education, the awareness, the opportunities.

    In 2021 there are now fewer farmers, and even fewer that are interested in educating their community, building bridges instead walls. What we are seeking is financial backing through the ones that are in support of the unique work we do. Finances to expand and continuing our ministry and the work of taking care of those that need it the most first.

Contact Us

If you have needs for your greater community please let us know how we can help you!


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